The New Year Resolution

The New Year new me has begun,
Time to flaunt your wings you thought were gone,
here’s what I want and  what will do this time,
to love myself and to be kind,

As I write myself this note,
realizing I owe the handle to my boat, 
here goes my resolution,
because only I can bring myself a revolution.

Forgiving myself for all the things I did wrong,
and letting go of people that held me back for so long,
For the smile, I got back and for the peace in my  mind,
 I would like to thank a friend who is more than a friend of mine.

To  you my dear I can’t express how much I owe you, 
But still thanks to those shitty people because of whom I know you. 
and to the refined friendslist which is lesser than the fingers I have
If my life was a confusing maze you’ve been my google map .

For having faith in me even in my darkest hour,
and for singing songs that made me regain my power,
thank you for those late nights texts and calls with your guitar
and for the lessons that loving oneself can’t be that hard.

Inspiring with the  things you do and words that bring me joy,
keeping me alert of people who’ve been juggling my heart like a toy,
Thank you for sticking with your words that said you’ll stay
unlike those exaggerated but faded away .

Here’s to the time you listen to my pointless drama,
thankful to the ones who stayed must be good karma,
and for the thank you, didn’t accept saying you didn’t do anything
but honestly, for me your company has brought 360 turns over everything.

Here’s to the New Year
Stay fearless to your fear
Time to support each other 
and to pull up our gear.

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