Pressure of Career

I want that job. I am the best candidate for that position. Of course, I m smart enough for that designation.

Hold on a Sec? Are you ready ? Ready for the responsibility that comes with the perks?

To shine like a diamond you gotta get cut like a diamond they say. Are you ready for the transformation? I see many young graduates (which used to be me as well) expecting high paying jobs right after they have their hands on their certificates.

Good grades, good personality, good communication skills and witty enough to leave the interviewer speechless. And good heart to do good to everyone. Good things happen to good people. Isn’t it?

Oh dear God, I wish the things worked that way. How sad it is to realize that this isn’t a fairy-tale. Human life comprises both good and bad. Look on the brighter side that’s what we’ve been told whenever we face the uneasy situation.

As the writer, Robin Sharma Says, ” Every crisis is an opportunity.” Now this situation may be the opportunity to learn things, get the skill that will lead you there.

Most of us are driven by time. By that I mean we are constantly comparing the milestone someone else has set for us to reach the goal. You need to graduate by this age, get a job by this. When you are in your late twenties get married, by the time you reach thirty you gotta have a kid. What if you are not ready?

See the point is Graduation after 30 is still a matter of celebration, getting your dream job when you are in your 40s still an achievement, not getting married because you are waiting for the right one is still acceptable. The Kid you adopted from the foster home is still your kid.

Even I worry so much about what the future holds.

I see people of my age making so much progress in their career, some have completed their Masters, some are running their own business. Then the overthinking starts that I have not been able to achieve anything. Is it?

Now the opportunity is something that comes to you when you didn’t expect it. But you got to grab it when you see it. There’s no right time, no right moment, no right age for the opportunity to knock at your door.

Nothing less than a realization will lead you there. I don’t mean to say that you do nothing and things will just fall into the right places. What I mean is Explore all that you want, all that you can.

People will name it luck, but believe me, that’s the hard work that leads you there. In fact, finding opportunity in disguise is a skill that your life teaches you. No book, no chapters ever will.

All the best for your endeavors. Don’t let your achievements be defined by your age, go beyond the stereotypes. Let’s keep updating our beta versions and live life to the fullest.

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