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#CoupleGoals has 14.2 million posts on Instagram 3.2 million tweets on twitter and billions on Facebook. Well, these were regular internet update but I met a couple who actually was a real-life example of this Hashtag. Ali And Sara, I met them at a cafe when grabbing some coffee. “Namaste”, they said when I entered the place with big smiles, “Namaste” I replied.

As we began to talk from our tables and then they asked me to join them. After a conversation with this lovely couple, I forgot that I was stressed out that’s how welcoming they were. We giggled and laughed shared our travel experiences and they told me it was their last day in Nepal.

Of course, it was not their first journey to a foreign land and I was surprised to know that, how a German guy met a Peru girl in Spain and have been traveling to different countries together. 6 years of togetherness and still more to go, this couple met at a club with no intention to fall in love. What’s funny is that they didn’t even share their real names at the beginning and now they share their home, dreams, travel destinations and also their Instagram account.

I definitely wanted love to listen more of their stories and a cup of coffee was not enough. I could see the excitement they had on their faces when sharing their story. So this was the day I quit my job and was supposed to feel sad about it but fortunately happened to meet them who actually quit their jobs to travel around. Therefore, it was a group of 3 jobless people hanging out and actually enjoying the conversation.

Ready to explore Bhaktapur as they asked for the receipt in the coffee shop, would you mind if I join I asked. “That would be great,” they said, I began to walk with them I felt like a tourist in my own land. Everything I saw on a daily basis felt different as I looked at them curiously. People thought that I was a guide they hired when in reality I didn’t know what significant history the places and monuments actually held. But we asked the local people, the real guides and that’s how we visited all the major places on the map. Believe me, I was following the map more than they did literally.

Starting their story from Europe to Africa on Instagram enjoying the hill climbing to their dance, from enjoying the volcano to swimming in the ocean. The more I scroll through their account the more I wish I could travel all around. From beautiful land of India, they made their way to great Himalayas of Nepal, and that how we met.

They are leaving for Darjeeling tomorrow and their next destination is Myanmar they said. As I saw their post on Instagram they are somewhere in Australia. What I remember right now is during our visit to Bhaktapur, Ali took pictures of almost every piece of art or architecture and Sara would pose for the pictures. And I would dream of having someone to share a story like them. Maybe someday I will and definitely, this post is dedicated to my future someone.

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