The Confession

This is a confession, to someone who was close to my heart
The chapter I’ve decided to close that never had a start
Before I let you go, there some things I want you to know
Confessing those feelings which I couldn’t really show.

Someone who got away with even telling why
I wanted to stop you but you’re not even mine.
If the world I lived in was a stormy cloud
You were my sunshine.

I confess that you’re an idiot
The idiot I was in love with
I confess life with you was better
For some reasons you became everything that mattered.

Never have I ever been this happy
Never Have found someone like me
Never felt that level of connection
Never thought I would match perfectly with someone else.

Never waited the whole day to talk to someone all night
Never wished for someone else’s man and felt so right
Never had someone who would support me when I fail
Never has the night ended without me wishing our fairy tale.

Never had the fear to lose you I thought things will be fine
Never knew that how we complete each other was this hard to find
Since the never has ended and we lost what we had
Yes, I feel alone, like the world is too big place and letting go was sad.

I know things have changed ever since you’re not being you
I can’t be me anymore
sometimes wish to go back and relive those days once more
We both waited for the right time I guess it never came
in the last line I would like to call us a “the end “


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