Talk about the girl next door, her eyes ocean deep
For she scrolls her phone for hours as she struggles to fall asleep
if you see her once her smile so bright, the face of curiosity,
loud sounds her laughter as she handles her chaosity.

The world loved to see her smile, beautiful feeling that she adds
Everyone she meets she cheers them up that’s her personality
Many came and left her life, doesn’t bother her she says
Smiled and let them go, those were the ones who shattered her in pain

It’s not a loss to her anymore, when someone decides to leave,
It’s a loss to them, having to remember her for everything she is
she knows that she’ll be okay, eventually, things will work out
Ones she held tight for so long, chaosity caused to throw them out.

She knows what’s meant to be will happen, there’s no more running away
She will face them with a smile and not let them drain her away
Just a minute or two she needs to pull her self up sometimes
as she sees someone she let go in chaosity, drives by her side.

Maybe she just wanted someone to hold her heart
when even petty little things tore her apart,
But one day she decides to take a step and chose to talk
Because Chaosity had become something that she didn’t want.

As they didn’t want to face the truth as they were themselves living a mess
Realized that some people you meet are part of the road
you have to leave behind or the train station that stayed still
when her trains want to depart to her way

Emotional somedays, Emotionless in other,
As she writes about Chaosity,
Chaosity she writes about isn’t even a word with meaning
Just like the conversation she had with them.

Gone are the days when she had excuses to talk
Now all that left are excuses to avoid,” I don’t feel like it ” is one
She is moving on now, you better not turn back when your life seems fine
Like It’s funny how people change and they blame it on time.

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