Are you successful?

Are you still considered successful even if you are not happy? Well, the modern day’s concept will still count you happy because what makes you successful is more based on materialism than inner Peace. People trade their smiles over dollars, they do it all the time. Have you realized the time you smiled without worrying, laughed without fear, loved without confusion, and trusted without doubts was a long time back? No? Okay then good for you. Because these kinda thoughts arise in my mind every now and then. Nothing too serious, I’ve been dealing with them quite well. Actually not so well, but still dealing with it. The point is that we talk about happiness so much that we don’t actually know what it is or how it feels like just like the dinosaurs people talk about.

Money is the success they say, the successful people you look up to, people you idolize look happy and doing their best but my darling everyone’s got their own story or part of the story they wanna show, their path their dreams whatever work or worked for them might not work for you. That way we are constantly comparing our lives with theirs, sometimes it may turn out motivating you sometimes it scatters you. To be successful you gotta be happy, to be happy you gotta know who you are and what you want. What if you don’t know who you are, what if you don’t know what you want or you really want is not what you actually  “ want” or if you need what you want? I might sound like a psychotic person right now, believe me, I m not. I have just given words to things that go through peoples’ mind. I m not in a fancy successful position to be sharing my story, I choose to do it anyway.

The truth is we know who we are but we want others to define us why have we given them that authority?

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