Single Valentine’s day? No Problem

For those in love, Valentine’s Day is a time to reflect on your relationship and remember all the reasons why you love each other. Make plans with your loved one, buy gifts, take them on dates, surprise them do whatever you want to. But if you are single for this Valentine’s day and that really concerns you or even if it doesn’t concern you much and if you don’t want to be snoring that day you just don’t have plans then here are some ideas I would suggest you:

Go for Shopping:
Of course, there’s no one who loves you, more than you do. Gift yourself something you always wanted, with the money you’ve saved. Believe me its totally worth it! I bought myself a nice perfume last year that said: “Dear wife, I love your smell” And see I really did like the smell without anyone else telling me and also saving myself successfully from getting married. I also got myself chocolates that came with huge discounts.

Spa day, What say:
Since Valentine’s is all about love, so say yes to some self-love. Go take advantage of all the “me-time” you’re getting by indulging in a massage or nice manicure, pedicure. If you think a waste of money then I suggest you get a nice hot oil massage for yourself and watch your favorite movies. Hangout at your place in your Pjs.

Go to Laughter clubs:
Being a huge fan, a supporter of sarcasm, I think valentine’s day is the best day to get all the sarcastic jokes for single people. Whole year they laughed at you being single, now is your time to join the clubs of cool people. When people are busy spending their money on useless things, “Look who’s laughing now”.

Heard the word “Singlentine” :
No, how would you… I just invented it right now. That is the state of self-love and following your passion. Do something adventurous, something worth remembering something that brings you peace. I would suggest you go for hikes, treks, how about bungy? While people and busy falling in love you make your move to conquer your fear of heights.

Unplug yourself :
If you get annoyed by all the couples on Valentine’s Day, then take the day off from social media. Don’t open your feeds because it’s their life let them enjoy it. You’ll know the feeling to be unplugged and it could help you get away from couple’s post also avoid you compare yourself with their situation and romance.

Throw an anti-Valentine’s Day Party:
You may be you are single by choice or maybe you’re just waiting for the right person, but that doesn’t make Valentine’s Day any less awkward and awful. Let’s go grab some chilled beer and have a chill pill.

That’s all I got to say. But You can add up some more if you want to share. Let’s have fun this valentines don’t let your Single status stop you from having fun.

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