Attitude of Gratitude

Life is simple we don’t always get what we want but we get what we deserve. No, I m not talking about fairy tales, movies or fiction. We are humans we panic even on the tiniest discomfort that we have. We are constantly complaining about things we don’t have, or holding on the things that we’ve lost. I was no different I wanted better things in life better grades, a better job, a better partner, better outfits and what not.

We are unsatisfied with the way we look, the job we have, the skills we lack and all the imperfection we feel every day. I don’t know if you have experienced the days of self-doubt? That infinite loop of “I am not good enough” running in your mind. That’s what started my day and that’s how it ended. That feeling was killing me inside. Everyone I knew was happy in their life, doing good in their career, some were getting married, some were having babies, some were earning in dollars and me, I was battling with myself. Nothing motivated me not people, not my job, not my income , not my grades.

Then to break the battle within, I went for a trip to a nearby rural area as volunteering for an organization working on woman empowerment where we were training the uneducated women. There was a woman I remember, she always brought her daughter with her, hardly 6-7 years old. While the trainers were busy in the training I used to talk to this little girl. One day I asked her “Do you want to join the training too? ” Her reply made me burst out in tears. She said, “No, it’s for uneducated women I want to study and when I grow up I want to be like you”. When I joined the trip I was someone who thought that I wasn’t good enough and there I meet a person who wanted to be like me. Who looked upon me as an idol. This experience changed the way I looked at myself.

Yes, we’re all messed up at some points of time. We are what our mind decides but you know what? We can always change our mind! What’s wrong with us is that we’ve built so much walls around us, but life would have been better we had built enough bridges instead. While we keep complaining that roses have thorns we fail to realize that thorns have roses. Be thankful for everything that you’ve been through because that made you who you are. Instead of crying of people who left, be thankful for those who stayed. Find your motivation and carry on.

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