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Social media has allowed a person to stay connected to bits and corners of the world. From rekindling a friendship to sharing news on politics or ins and out of fashion trends social media connects them all. A fascinating fact about social media is that it has provided us a peephole to stay updated with influencers from worldwide. It provides us with platforms people who fascinate, entertain and influence us.
Not checking our phones with every beep and buzz has been a challenge these days. Be it the latest gossip or post that makes you leaves you smiling for a day or post that you makes you go beyond the stereotypes. Talking about stereotypes and influence to go beyond it let’s talk about women who ride.No doubt, bike rides have always been a guy thing. Here are some woman riders on Instagram I’ve rounded up I think you should be following on Instagram.

Pauliane :
we have a nice blonde French lady Pauliane. Pauline prefers dirt bikes over anything and if in the world. She is a fitness esports. regular gyms and if not engages herself to various sports . From what we can gather, she rides something truly hardcore – a KTM 450 EXC 2018. the dirt bike rides complements perfectly to her bold looks with racing addiction through her veins.

Sara is known as on her Instagram account. Heels and wheels are her favourites. This beauty from Sweden has been flaunting them both. This gorgeous biker is a huge fan of Supermoto and she owns, Kawasaki KX250F and KX450F. Besides her rides, she is dog lover enjoys clubbing a lot.

Annie Prisana:
Thailand is known for its holiday destination. To add up to that it is also a great riding destination. With the impressive rise in the number of female biker community, Annie Prisana takes the breath away of thousands with her beauty and her riding skills. From what we have found out, she constantly takes part in different track challenges, riding a KTM.

The perfect blend of mystery, beauty and strength Miisses_black lady from Switzerland likes to keep it sweet and simple. Her recent posts in her Instagram says that she spends most of her time riding her Kawasaki. She’s popular equally in the modeling and fashion industry. Besides that, she loves getting tattoos. For her it’s not just riding a bike. It’s a way to get a life back

totally gorgeous professional American biker who we know simply as @smashstunts. She’s most known for her bike stunts.Sources say that she started riding in 2012 and started her career as a stunt rider in 2014. She currently owns a 2004 Kawasaki 636 and a Harley Davidson Sportster 1200. Among the various rides she owned till date Ninja 250, Triumph Daytone 675, and a Honda F4i were her favorite.

Beauty with a bike ride addiction as she calls herself. She is known by the name Anna Rigby in real but she’s more popular with her Instagram name Redspade. She also has an extreme passion for photography and she enjoys it more if it related to bikes and rides. Also enjoys great family time like a normal everyday girl. The best thing about this beauty is her constant effort of keeping up with her riding passion even though she has had serious injuries.

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