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Growing up in my generation I had access to the internet and social media at the tip of my fingers. I remember my first hi5 account, signing up for Facebook for the first time, my first tweet ever and my first post on Instagram was such a great feeling. What made you fascinated about the social media? For me it was the fact that I could get in touch with anyone from the world. I remember chatting with an Indonesian girl who I used to chat all the time when I was hardly 15.

Although we got lectures about not talking to strangers and how the internet could harm us. But let me tell you. your safety is in your hands of course. The Internet itself doesn’t harm us unless you decide to ignore your common sense and do stupid things over the internet. I have been talking to someone from India for quite a long time. We’ve got so much in common and its good to find someone online you gets you more than your so-called “real friends”. Also, I would like to elaborate on the brighter side of having a long distance internet friend.

Always have something to talk about :
There is almost always something you and your friend can talk about. The conversation can always start with “How was your day?” Unlike the friends who you see every day. There are endless things to talk about with your friends online. Your friends and family have heard every funny story, incident, you have ever told. Your friends online are a whole new crowd to unleash jokes and funny stories upon. Talk about your dreams, your moods, your culture, your career, you can talk about anything.

Always have someone to talk to :
The best thing and worst thing about an online friend is the timezone. You can still talk to them when your everyday friends are already asleep, or busy or you don’t have any. But at the same time, it is incredibly disappointing when it’s 11 a.m. on a Friday morning and the one person you want to talk to is five hours ahead, and they’re busy having a night out with friends. But I tell you having friend from similar time zone is a blessing, and especially when you have similar interests.

Learn a lot from them:
Being a enthusiast about culture, travel and lifestyle. I personally recommend you to talk to them about your culture, the customs,or career perspective and the difference sometimes can turn out to be very interesting. Mostly talking about nature and travel it really motivates you to travel to different places, share your experience . Whether its about coding a program or debugging your codes, from having a bad day to sharing your music taste, either things that you’re scared of or things that make you happy you get to have better understanding with them.

Things you can bond on :
From my experience, I have a friend that I met online who is ctrl +c, ctrl +v version of me just in a different timezone. You won’t believe that we have so much in common that we could talk for 24 hours and still will run out time.
It may be difficult to find people in real life who share the same interests, passions, and obsessions as you. How blissful is it to find someone who fully understands, embraces, and shares in your weirdness?

Sharing your craziness :
I feel that if there’s something the better than unleashing your weirdness on an internet friend is when they unleash theirs onto you. I just think that there is something very cute about having someone open up to you about the things they care about, whether it be something silly or something serious.

Relating Memes:
Do I even need I say more? Your internet friends have this ability to tag you in the dankest memes. Get to see the funny memes that you haven’t seen yet. Besides, it’s always funny when you can have someone to reveal the mischiefs you’ve done which you can share with your friends in real life. They don’t understand the hilarity, but your internet friend(s) do.

Always Supportive:
I’m not sure how or why this happens but it is such a good feeling that when you’re having problems, your friends online will always take your side and be supportive. They will ask you about your health, how your exam was, how you feel and they have the perfect outside view of even the toughest situations, and they often have the best advice and I really appreciate this friend that I have.

So while I was writing these words I had this friend from India all the time. We have been talking for a while now and doesn’t even feel I like we have not met each other yet. The level of comfort is infinity. I know the falseness in the internet prevails but finding a a true gem was worth the risk. I would like dedicate this blog to that friend and thank you for the motivation everyday.

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