Happiness in search of Career

Hand’s up if you ever told you wanted to be a “Doctor” when you grow up. It’s funny how you were so confident about the aim, what you wanted to do, how do you want to work. Those big dreams in the shiny eyes full with hopes. Every time we were told to write essays about “The Aim ” we could write essays and paragraph describing it.

A few days back I was looking at the things the young me had, my favorite toys, my tiny dresses, and shoes (my mom keeps them very safe so that she can show it to my kids lol ), I found my test paper from Grade three I saw how proudly I wrote ” I wanted to be a doctor, serve the poor, cure the needy , and make my family proud ”  , coming back to reality I realized I haven’t check marked any.

Well, I am not sad nor disappointed, just because I am not a Doctor does not mean I am not something I don’t love. Just because the dream of young me didn’t come true, I didn’t let the plans of the present me fail. As they say “Little Girls with Dreams Become women with Vision”

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