Do I have Depression?

With modern-day charm within the social media that highlights individuals living their happiest days. We do not notice the depressed faces behind the phones. Several individuals do not even realize when they have become the victim of Depression.

You might be experiencing depression if, for a quiet time period you have felt unhappy for no specific reason, all you are feeling is down or miserable most of the time, or have lost interest in things that you simply were curious about or do not find pleasure in things that made you happy. I even have classified the symptom experienced by an individual when they face depression in the passage below.

You need to remember that we all experience a number of these symptoms from time to time. However, it’s doesn’t essentially mean you are depressed. Also, not everybody who is experiencing depression can have all of those symptoms.

Behavioural experience:

  • Not going out
  • Incomplete tasks at work/school
  • Detaching yourself from family and friends
  • Relying on alcohol and sedatives
  • Not participating in inEnjoyable activities
  • Unable to concentrate

Emotional Experience:

  • Overwhelmed mostly
  • Guilty for everything
  • Easily Irritable
  • Frustrated all the time
  • Lacking confidence
  • Unhappy with life
  • Indecisive concerning everything
  • Disappointed on self
  • Miserable appearance
  • Wants to stay sad

Mental Experience:

  • ‘I’m a failure.’
  • ‘It’s my fault.’
  • ‘Nothing sensible ever happens to me.’
  • ‘I’m unworthy.’
  • ‘Life’s not value living.’
  • ‘People would be better off while not me.’

Physical Experiences:

  • Tired all the time
  • Sick and run down
  • Headaches and muscle pains
  • Churning Gut
  • Sleeping Disorder
  • Change in appetite
  • Significant weight loss or gain

If you think that that you or somebody you know is also experiencing depression, you need to consult a specialist. It will help to guide you and supply a higher understanding of how you are feeling and what you need to do. You don’t need to worry depression is a common sickness and it has a cure. Like other organs of the body, even the brains misfunction.

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