Cheer Up You Got This

If you are a person who gets happy or sad very fast then you can definitely relate to whatever I am gonna say. Life’s perfect all you see is motivation around you ,you’re on cloud nine and you don’t even need a vacay. And Also Life is hell and rock bottom becomes the solid foundation on which you built your life. I am just trying to make sense of the constant war inside my head.

Whenever this situation like this comes to me, I take my ride to the one who has been there to help me figure things out. This “ONE ” used to be a person until I realized that people are temporary. Some were close friends, some were pretentious bitches, some lovers and some  I don’t even know what we were. The resolver kept changing the only thing that has been constant are problems. So I changed the resolver into places from people. Believe me, I am just trying to sound dramatic, it’s a happy ending.

Attending class, going to work, doing what you are interested in, having a social life, managing your family, trying to look good at the same time can be tough. I  took a long breathe after I completed my sentence. Yes, Overthinking makes up every molecule in my brain cells. “You’re just overthinking it ” I get this a lot and the sentence that beat the previous sentence is “You’re Awesome I didn’t give up because of you”. (I screenshot these messages hahaha) .How can a person be both motivational and demotivated?

Its weekend and I am still lying on my bed listening to my old hip-hop playlist. Enjoying the music with a wide smile that I have. If you know me in person there are high chances you have never seen me without one. So people what I wanted to say was that this happens to everybody even the most cheerful person you know goes through this. You can relate these experiences to Nintendo games you played as a kid. Every time you gotta level up you have to face the most dangerous situation or demon; that’s how you win. Same is for life though you can’t get back to the same situation as life doesn’t have a restart button. You learn from the situation and apply it next you face similar ones. It’s about not giving up.

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