Battling Within

Do you sometimes feel like you’re the world’s luckiest person?
The smartest, the funniest,
that person who can conquer the whole world
with your smile,
the glow in your eyes brighter than the rays of the sun
that shines from behind the cloud lighting up anyone’s gloomy day,
As if confidence, optimism, and energy are
only elements that fuel your life,
Anything you say or do would inspire the world to be happy
Well, that how most people know me.

Then there’s my other half overthinks
who thinks life sucks,
who thinks of giving up
with every second that passes by,
who thinks you’re not good enough
with every breath,
You are a BURDEN !!
You are Burden to everyone who knows you
You disappoint people who have faith in you.
When you try your best
and best isn’t good enough,
every attempt you take
and the attempt isn’t good enough
every step that you take
and the step isn’t good enough.
No matter how many time some has walked up to you,
and said they adore you, all of you
All you can think is of the time when someone said,

These two people sound exact opposite,
Well, they are you know,
and when these people have a constant battle on my mind
every day it drives me crazy to bring them in the middle ground,
so that I can concentrate on MYSELF.
It feels like bombs of despair
drop on the grounds of my happiness
Wrecking every wall of hopes
that keeps me going
Even with every word I deliver right now,
I feel like quitting,
It feels as if these words as me to give up,
and end it right here.

But when I remember the fairytales I read and believed life is one,
I convince myself bad things happens to everyone,
Happiness and Sadness are part of life,
You’re the hero of your story,
and make sure you have your happy ending,
don’t forget if it’s not happy
it’s not an ending.
The sun tomorrow shines Brighter,
melting away your frozen heart.
leading you to places you belong,
places you deserve to be at.
For now, trust yourself
you’re Stronger than you know.

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