The Girl with Motivation

How do you define beauty? What I am going to share today will change your perspective. To many of us, beauty is something that pleases our eyes. Many of you will deny it by saying of course not, it’s in the heart and blah blah but deep inside our minds compel us to judge people by the way they look. And social media these days makes you want to look what you’re not. I was scrolling through some regular social media shits, I came across a post that really caught my attention. It was not from a celebrity, nor any sort of influencer, not even from a person I actually know in person. I have been following her for a long time and I am glad I was. We all are busy in our lives, swinging from happy moods to sad moods and taking life for so granted and pointlessly judging people. Here’s what she shared:

“ A bitter reality of mine which gave me a lot of POSITIVITY.

I have been suffering from an ALOPECIA  since 4 months , where my own body immune system attacks hair follicles . First , I had a bald spot on right side of my head. I totally ignored that but after that I started experiencing more hair fall than I used to have. I used to take lots of stress during those times. My whole family members were totally shocked seeing my hair .But even if  I was suffering from #alopecia no one hated me . I was really very sad for a month . Who wouldn’t be ??

My dad motivated me 💪. My Mom made me happy every single day than before 😂. My sisters started caring me like a child . And also a real friend of mine supported me very much ____________________

Even though I am suffering from #alopecia I attended every party, aunt’s wedding, brother’s wedding. You know what I am learning from this . No matter what other people think about you 😄 IT’S YOU WHO NEED / HAVE TO THINK GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF. Every single time I watch myself in the mirror and say YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL GIRL 😂 AND YOU ARE THE STRONGEST person by heart ❤. ____________________

The reason behind sharing my story is I want you all to love the way you are . No one can motivate you than YOU. It’s YOU who need to stay positive. I pray every time to God because your prayer will be answered soon. So, I will be introducing you with new Ngimi Khambachey Sherpa soon .”

Since we’re all looking for motivation to carry on with life, and no doubt most of us are struggling very hard. This little girl at a very young age defines motivation and positivity at her best. Living life to the fullest and not letting her condition stop her from enjoying the gift of life. If you are really looking for reasons to be happy look around look around I am sure you’ll find one. Stay happy, positive and keep supporting people around you and see how your world changes. Lots of love and hoping she recovers soon.

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